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Civil enforcement of Judgments in Germany - EU-Recht (die Webseite des Fachartikels besuchen)

Regulation EC No 44/2001 - Brussel I

You want to enforce a judgement given by a national court in a Member State versus a german company or legal person? The Regulations No 44/2001 of 22 December 2000 lays down rules governing the jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters, given in a Member State. It supersedes the Brussels Convention of 1968.

Our specialised Lawyers are able to help you to get the recognition and the enforcement of judgement, given for example by a court in a Member State according to EC No 44/2001.

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Similar to civil parking enforcement in EU, the EC established in 2000 new Regulations to enforce a judgement even against consumers. No special proceedings are nacessary unless the recognition is actually contestet. The Regulation lists grounds for non-enforcement. In the case of legal persons or companies, the domicile will be determinded by the country where the company has its statutory seat. Additional a defendant may in certain circumstances be sued in the courts of another Member State. Very important is, that a foreign judgment may not be reviewed under no circumstances.

Contact us if you need assistance to get a recognition of your judgment in Germany.

And do not forget to check the propper address of the defandant before you proceede.

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